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about. roger wicker is likely to become the ranking member of the communications and internet pendulum. all of those things have yet to be solidified. >> guest: i think the broader communications is that we are any period of great destruction. things like netflix, apple, the itunes store, it is not yet clear how consumers will get their content when all available options are there. it needs more time to shake out before they try to set these boundaries. >> guest: they keep saying, the federal trade commission, they keep saying that they will get it done by the end of the year. but it is now driving. it seemed like and look like the federal trade commission like the federal trade commission was going to walk away without taking any aggressive action. it seems like the federal trade commission sort of decides that well, maybe, google have to play ball with the europeans. maybe we can extract similar concessions and also the state attorney general will look into it and they are upset and we are pushing the ftc to be more aggressive. >> host: what do you think, eliza krigman. >> guest: i t
problem. we had a pendulum that had swung out into the wild west or anybody that was breathing got a mortgage. now it has swung the other way. the banks are being ultra cautious and requiring owners disclosures and very conservative income levels. i think there is an element of your story that questions -- does the bank wanted about the 6.75% interest that you're paying on your mortgage. that is a rich interest level in this environment. you have to wonder if the bank isn't holding on to your loan to maintain that high level of interest. i wonder if the might be worth your while to try to go to another bank and not refinance with the same company. it has become a much more difficult circumstances to get a mortgage because the banks are still recovering from all the bad loans that day made during the real estate mania. host: this idea of the debt to income ratio. that was something richard cordray talked-about. this is from american hero joe. explain this issue for us. guest: this goes to the heart of the ability to repay the loan. we do not want people taking on loans that they can
that with contempt for what he did in damage to this country. you need to see the pendulum has now swung. the tea party in many ways has lost a lot of this mojo because of overreach. it is out of sync with the values of so many people. we could have seen that in the summer of 2009. one of tea party people stood up and said "government, take your hands off my medicare." you see how internalized those programs are. >> who does not want to watch a car wreck? >> it has done a lot of damage. >> this tweet says the obama administration is responsible for the tea party. >> it opened a backing tree that hot summer of 2009 -- it opened up a vacuum for it. that hot summer of 2009. the president could have mobilized. there were people mobilizing on their own. a pragmatic, progressive president would have understood the power of having people in those places to combat a message that was full of misinformation. remember teh death panels? part of that is on us to fight back and expose that. only after labor day did the president come forward and begin to speak again to the people and explain where they were mo
's sugary drinks, it's a nice drink, but people drink too much of it and the pendulum swung too far i and the food police and others say, too much of this is bad for you and coke said, you know what? you're right. we're going to remind people. >> neil: they didn't say you're right. they didn't say you're right. i love you dearly, they didn't say get off my back and we'll get you water. >> and people out there can buy two instead of-- >> did you see the little can? when i see that can, now we-- it's that big and and i will say this, we should talk about the food police. think about why mayor bloomberg is doing what he did with the container sizes. new york city had socialized medicine and think of the health problems among people that go to the city hospital, my brother was in the emergency room in one of those in bellevue and over weight and in bad health and-- >> and going to be subsidizing-- >> and doesn't drink any crap. >> and charlie, the problem with the whole thing, you give people food stamps, wic, welfare and let them buy soda with it and worry about them going to the hospita
pendulum will set another into motion. >> see how long it guess. >>reporter: exhibit still on display and part of museum mystery. he built it came in the fix day and noticed that somebody had made also feet to put on the barack obama of the pendulum. so really cute feet. don't know who this day who did that. >>reporter: the grew up along with general rigs of visiting family. many people now on staff came here as children. >> i have many memories come here as kid whenever we would come to the exploratorium would i demand more time and demand to come back. >> this now has more than 1,000 exhibits in its collection and international lead interwhat is known as informal education. staff estimates 80 percent of the world science centers have exhibits developed here. they also run a hugely successful program tring and mentoring science teachers. in fact museum has done so well it has out grown its birth place. so it's moving here to pier 15 on the san francisco waterfront. massive building renovation just about finished. then it takes 3 and a half months or so to mav in all the old e
. and there's a few good features. it's got the signature here. you've got a little false pendulum aperture. unfortunately, the pendulum has a little broken spring. so we can't.... guilty. ( both chuckle ) okay, it's not a huge problem. and you've got these very enchanting little spandrels with a small head inlaid with all the elaborate decoration around. it's a cracker. on the back of the movement, we've got very fine engraving, and it's a three-train and that is very rare-- three-train quarter striking. perhaps we can just give it a strike 'cause it is rare to see clocks of this date which have a full quarter striking. ♪ that's a full quarter. ♪ and then you get the hours. do you know what he paid for it? i've no idea. all i know is that... he said later that he bought the best that he could afford at the time, and he couldn't afford a tompion. all right, fair enough. today, i would say that it would make 12,000 upwards. which is not bad, eh? it's not bad at all. he died when i was nine, but he meant a lot to me and one of the things he used to do was magic sixpences
in a pendulum. we've had a pendulum of instability, arguing, fighting. i think we'll see it come back to the middle sooner rather than later. >> you think there will be no drama with the debt ceiling? >> oh, absolutely. we should have a little drama. we didn't get into this mess simply by spending our way into it. i think we have to look at it in a wholistic way, in terms of revenues, in terms of spending cuts. but, you know, the republicans did the right thing in terms of making sure that the country doesn't default on its obligation. but we still have a sequester coming up. i mean, that is spending cuts across the board, you know, defense, a lot of important social justice programs. you know, if dr. king were alive today, he would march and stand up for education. he would march and stand up for children to make sure that they have their needs met. i think it's important that president obama approach this as he has, reaching out to the republicans but standing his ground on those principles that will make this country a good country in the 21st century. >> but, donna weather the rep
been making fewer loans anyway? they learned a lesson? >> absolutely. the pendulum swung from the riddickiculous all the way over to the other side. if you try to get to get a loan you know this, i don't have to tell you, >>> thank you, guys. even though that freeze warning is set to expire shortly around 8:00, it is still cold outside and seeing a lot of readings at or below freezing. here's a live look at the clear skies over most of the bay. you can see san francisco there in the distance. temperatures right now 29 in napa. only 30 degrees at fairfield and livermore. and right now at freezing in concord. so it's really those inland valleys we are seeing the coldest temperatures. by this afternoon, warming up to the upper 40s to low 50s and more sunshine for the weekend. >>> so what happens when row pots get so sophisticated they can replace humans on the job. "60 minutes" looks at the machines. next on "cbs this morning." [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ]
. this really is a pendulum, where credit was way too loose before the crisis, and now it is, by most estimates, way too tight. one of the things that the market needs in order to get to a more normalized place is some certainty around the rules of the road. that's why this rule is so important. some clear, sensible safeguards for costumers and clear rules of the road for lenders. >> susie: even with these rules, there are going to be some people who are going to get a loan who shouldn't, and there are going to be some who should get a mortgage and don't. how do you know you've got this rule right? >> it's a great question, and one that we take very seriously. that's why we have done so much work in empirical research going in to finalize this rule, and why we'll continue to monitor the marketplace going forward. one of the things you want to see is whether or not the penetration of loans to credit-worthy people reaches levels we saw before the great run-up, but in normalized periods. and we're not to that place yet. mortgage levels are still tighter than really it should be. >> susie: that is
. but with public sentiment having swung the pendulum in the favor of the obama administration's platform and tightened gun control legislation and the specific clauses banning assault rifles and high capacity magazines, i think they're more than motivated now. >> gun sales are up since newtown. up since newtown. does that tell you that investors at least think there's not going to be amainingful decrease in the value of gun manufacturers and in the sale of guns in america? >> well, i think what has happened is since the newtown shooting, gun sales have absolutely exploded. in the month of december, background checks with the federal government were up 58% indicating that there were very, very strong year-over-year sales in firearms. right now if you walk into most retails of firearms, the shelves are almost empty for both guns and ammunition. so that's part of the reason, you know, these firearm stocks are probably going to see record sales in earnings over the next few quarters as a result of that. >> this week a group of activists delivered 300,000 signatures to the walmart near newtow
late anyway? halloween homework-- "the pit & the pendulum," the original "saw."
. it's been sort of a pendulum. was some of the changes have really been hurting people who go in trying to rehab houses and flip them. but some of those people are exactly the people that are going to pick up excess inventory rather than letter them go to foreclosure. there's -- letting them go to foreclosure. there's a give and take with the rules and i think it's going to take a while for them to work it out. >> if you want somebody to get the foreclosures off the market to rehab them you need to give them a little bit of capital to pull it off or they're going to be on foreclosure for a long time. >> exactly. every house that foreclosures everybody in the neighborhood -- >> absolutely. >>> growing up, most of us were probably told at some point don't waste your food. >> the findings of a new study suggest very few of us listened. coming up in nine minutes we're tell you how much of the world's food is wasted every year. and what the long-term effects could be. >> we're back with that story plus your weather first in two minutes. >>> good morning, welcome back to 9news now.
to be able to address those. but right now, the pendulum has swung so far that it's very difficult to even conceive starting up your business. and we want that to occur again. much less allowing for those who are operating businesses to keep thlights on and grow. you know, you look at the last three years. we have seen a 23% decline in the number of business startups. in america, we are a starter country and we want to see it happen again. neil: he was ronald reagan's top money guy. why he says capitalism is in trouble these days and it's the governments fault. by the way, republicans as well. we have david stockman acts. and suzanne somers on lala land going gaga over president obama. but next, ralph nader has had enough. he says that both parties in washington are flailing. and that is why the economy is failing. neil: the economy is stumbling. nothing seems to be happening, but ralph nader has got a plan. one day he says e will get companies hiring and fast. getting people spending soon. >> nonfinancial companies are sitting on over a trillion dollars of shareholders cash. the investors
of the stock, but in terms of generating the loans, we went from one end of the pendulum to free money and anybody who wants it to really constricting and making refinances quite hard as well as i just purchased a new home, i went through so many hoops to get the purchase in terms of having different appraisers come in, so it has gone the other way again. liz: to your point, we have the ceo of pinnacle financial. they were named by forbes as one of the most trustworthy. they did very good at many different levels. this is a thank you want to hear from. i know oil is about $94 per barrel. what is the next? >> it has kind of been ho-hum. the volatility has come way in. we didn't go anywhere, settling above $94. liz: it means you speculate, no? >> seems nobody wants to take a stand because a lot of questions going forward. with policy in washington. in the back of people's minds is to have geopolitical things the middle east. liz: let's not just toss that aside. we have a situation at a gas plant owned in part by bp where there are some 40 hostages, three of them are american. this is a d
, the regulatory pendulum and attitudes all swing. when there's a crisis it tends to sbing to conservative attitudes, to restraining attitudes and that's what we've seen. we saw it in the '30s, in the late 1980s, early 1990s. but it all always tends to moderate because the financial system is so critical to the well-being of the economy that over time one really has to have a moderate approach to the industry. that will come. now, i can't say that the pendulum has swung as far as it will go. there may be a little further to go. but we're pretty much as conservative as i think we're going to be. and i think we're much more likely to see the pendulum swing back towards moderation, towards a pro-growth approach. >> i just wondered whether the -- you know, the mortgage, you know, all of the litigation we've seen and all the settlements, and the billions and billions and billions that i see that the country is -- or that the industry has kind of had to pay up. that's money that's not going to be lent for new mortgages, right? that's part of the problem that the credit is still constrained as th
, but -- >> no, i agree. i think, you know, american politics works in pendulum swings, and i think the partisanship has reached its peak. towards the end of last year we had -- >> you think not just on this issue, you think in general? >> i think the number one reason i'm so invested in this issue is to get it done. but number two, and john and i have talked about this as we went through the rules changes and stuff, is to set a new way of doing things a little bit in the senate, in the congress and in washington of coming together on the issues where we can come together. and i think it can happen. i really do. >> last december we did the defense authorization bill. we dispensed with 380 amendments, and we went forward, and we did the right thing. i am guardedly optimistic that we will do -- >> we did ag bill, we did postal reform. towards the end of last year it was little noticed, but there were a good number of important and complicated pieces of legislation. they didn't pass the house, most of them -- defense did -- but got through the senate with good bipartisan support. >> se
? they learned a lesson? >> absolutely. the pendulum swung from the riddiiculous all the way over t the other side. if you try to get a loan, you know this, i don't have to tell you, it's >>> so what happens when row pots get so sophisticated they can replace humans on the job. "60 minutes" looks at the machines. next on "cbs this morning." [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. ♪ made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. ♪ who knew being natural could be so delicious? coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. add your flavor naturally. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a
. >> thejl publicity. these pictures are from a film. c, frank made this one to show how one pendulum will send another into motion. it's part of a must seem mistry. after frank built it he noticed someone made feet to put on:jo the bo<$tf+ so we don't know who did that. >> over the next four decades it grew up. along with generations of families. many people now on staff came here as children. >> i have many memories coming here as a kid. we come here, i demand more time and demand to come back. >> it now has a thousand exhibits in the collection z it's an international leader in who is known as informal education. the staff estimates 08% of the world science centers have exhibits here. they run a hugely successful program training science teachers. the museum has done so well, it's outgrown it's birth i place. so it's movering here to pier 15. the massive building renovations is just about finished then taking three and a half months to move in old exhibits. all ready for a grand opening in april. the new space will be but the dream is still flourishing. >> this was founded on a opt
in elections. so it was a clearly calculated decision, and now the pendulum is swinging back, and we're taking a detour back in the 90s, and thankfully it's not monica that we're discussing but gun violence. >> john: one point you write about how president obama's staff were trying to brief him for a q & a session on reddit and how he adopted rather quickly to that. >> the book is two different stories. it's me with the high jinx with the white house press and then a lot of these behind-the-scenes moments including reddit, i'm sure everyone watching knows. it's awesome. it was a historyic thing. it was an historic moment where they won the internet that day. and in campaign winning the internet is what modern campaigning is going to be about to a large degree. he did something that was risky and the environment where you can ask anything, that's why it's called imam. and successful to get tens of thousands of people to register, and then on the election day ten thousands more. this went totally below the radar, and it was a huge success. >> john: and 9,000 of those on reddit asked him about le
in most cases. the pendulum we've been experiencing in the years leading up to the housing budge bursting a ham sandwich could have gotten a jumbo mortgage and that was bad. when the rules were tightened so much in the last couple of years some middle class families were finding it almost impocket to get a -- impossible to get a mortgage. >> yeah because if there's a lot of people that even i know that have great credit and did what they needed to do. and don't have the down payment. >> refies have been very difficult for a lot of folks to get. >> happy medium is what we're hoping for. >> the word compromise comes to mind. which is difficult. >> imagine that. >> in this town. >>> all right take a look at this. before and after. yes. it is the same woman. >> the same woman. stick to your new year's resolution and this could be you too. how much she lost and the advice she's willing to give. we have her here in studio. you'll see her at 6:12. >> wow. turkey sausage. turkey what? amazing. right? yeah. next one's on you. yeah, okay. introducing dunkin's new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich.
to a normal environment i think. cheryl: really good point. watching the pendulum swing all the way over to the wrong side for investors. >> america's banks have capital. that's how we got through the crisis so well. industry paid for everything other than citi group. that's the only major bank. cheryl: thank you very much, interesting points today. >> thank you. cheryl: closing bell will ring, and we now have got 48 minutes to go on the monday. athena health in the palm of your hand. the company's going mobile taking information on patients, doctors, and providers to another level. it's really interesting. athena health president and ceo talking about how that translates into future profits for the company, and the prognosis for athena health for 20 # 13. that's coming up next, but as we break, look at thena's stock over the past year. it's a nice chart. we'll be right back. ♪ look, if you have copd like me, you know it can be hard to breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 ho
from them at work, and this is a real problem. the pendulum swing, this had swung way out into the wild west where anyone who was breathing got a mortgage. and now this has swung the other way with the banks are very cautious, and really requiring onerous disclosures, and very conservative income levels. that your story, does the bank want to give up 6.75% interest that you were paying on your mortgage? that is a very rich interest level, in our current interest- rate environment. you have to wonder if the bank is not just holding on to your loan to maintain a high level of interest? but i wonder if this may be worth your while to try to go to another bank and not refinance with the same company. it has become a much more difficult circumstance to get a mortgage because the banks are still recovering from all of the bad loans that they made during the real-estate mania. >> one other issue that was brought up was the issue of debt-income ratio, and this is something richard spoke about and what he would do with the qualified loans. american hero joe says, what did he mean by 20% of the g
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to children. this is a balance, but i think the pendulum has swung way too far and everyone thinks, oh, marijuana's not that bad. it's -- it's much stronger than the woodstock marijuana that was 20, 30 years ago and its impact on brain development has been underestimated. >> we'll have to leave it there. >> thanks, craig. >> you are clearly quite passionate about it, too. former congressman, patrick kennedy, thank you for your time. >> thank you, craig. >> he is playing a key role in the planning of the second inauguration. coming up, i'll talk to jim messina who, of course, ran the president's campaign and we'll also talk about what he is going to be doing to help the president with regards to this new operation that looks a lot like his old operation. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. [ male announcer ] house rule number 46. what's good for the pot... is even better for the cup. new single serve cafe collections from maxwell house. now available for use in the keurig k-cup brewer. always good to the last drop. now available for use in the keurig k-cup brewer. is bigger t
to move the health care pendulum even further where most americans want it to go. she is an advocate of universal health care, if you can get it there, which i think would be absolutely the best thing for the country. here she is at a town hall when she was asked about her future plans. this is interesting. >> i do want to see more women compete for the highest positions in their countries. and i will do what i can, whether or not it is up to me to make a decision on my own future. i right now am not inclined to do that. but i will do everything i can to make sure that women compete at the highest levels not only in the united states, but around the world. >> you know, the big issue right now for the president is getting immigration reform passed. >> right. >> that was the issue that somewhat became problematic for hillary clinton in one of the debates when she was talking about a driver's license. >> correct. >> of an undocumented worker. and then it kind of snowballed that was kind of the game changer in the competition between she and president obama. how important would it be to
the pendulum back, isn't it? >> well you have to do a better job telling our story because business is creating great value in this world but it is doing a very bad job explaining that and defending itself. that is what our book is all about. it will help business people to be more successful with their businesses. to be proud of what they're accomplishing, the good they're doing in society. this is our great story. this is our great message. we have to tell it and we're helping them to do that. neil: does it make it hard when some of your colleagues earn a ton of money? disproportionate even to their company's success? as an executive making $100 million, some people are saying all right, we give him his due and his respect but that's beyond the pale? >> i think it does hurt it. again, business is judged by its, maybe perhaps most greediest members. most business people do not make anything close to that. the business people make a good living but not making those really, really obscenely high salaries but i think that hurts the reputation of business. seems like business, some businesses are
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 76 (some duplicates have been removed)